Custom Fittings

Good scores start with a good grip.

Many golfers fail to realize that what you grip is as important as how you grip it. Often golfers are careful to get their hands in the proper position, but place them on golf grips so old, slick or worn they are little better than no grip at all.

Grips that are in poor condition are not only subject to slipping, but they can cost you distance and accuracy and add strokes to your score. Tour players understand this. That's why they insist their grips feel fresh and new before each round. 

They care for their grips with frequent cleaning and they replace them regularly sometimes as often as every month. The average golfer should change grips about once a year.

Check your equipment regularly, because fresh, well-maintained grips will help you play the game better and enjoy it more.

Bring in your Clubs and get the Custom Fitted Advantage - or purchase your clubs at Fore Golfers Only and get a Free Custom Fitting Included.



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